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The practice of childbirth in another country is getting more and more common around the world. The main reason is to obtain second citizenship at the place of birth. Second citizenship and a second passport can provide your child with more freedom to travel, less tax liability, access to cheaper and better healthcare and education, better employment and investment opportunities. No matter how your child's life turns out, second citizenship will provide them with more opportunities and freedom of choice. Besides, a simplified naturalization process for the parents is usually provided in the country where their child was born.

Under Mexican legislation, a child born in Mexico is automatically granted Mexican citizenship. A Mexican passport allows visa-free entry to 139 countries, including the European Union. The cost of childbirth in Mexico is much lower than in the USA. Cancun and Riviera Maya – Mexican Caribbean – is one of the world's most renowned resorts and, in recent years, a popular destination for international medical tourism.

Mexico, considering the above advantages combined with reasonable prices and wonderful climate, is becoming one of the popular destinations for women from abroad who are interested in comfortable conditions and a high level of medical care during childbirth and want to provide dual citizenship for a child.

Cancun offers good childbirth conditions and reasonable prices. This is a reason why people even from the neighboring USA come here to give birth. The private clinics offer a high standard of services, modern equipment, comfortable single wards with all sorts of conveniences. Most doctors speak English and have professional training and internship experience in the USA. And the price is 2-3 times cheaper than in North America.

Advantages of childbirth in Cancun

Childbirth in Mexico is one of the best investments in your child's future. It is not just citizenship of another country, but also new opportunities, more open borders, more education options, more exposure to the world around you and more freedom, not just for your child but also for your entire family. At the same time, a childbirth in another country is an important and responsible decision. Parents should be aware of the possible consequences and risks. Both legal and medical complications requiring additional financial resources time and patience can arise.