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If you want to save your money and to increase your savings, to get high ROI and to diverse your investment portfolio, we will help you to achieve your goals in the fastest-growing region of the world.

Investment in Mexico is No. 1 choice by crypto investors

We focus on the sale of investment properties in Riviera Maya, Mexico offering different scenarios for a number of investor categories. We work with both large investment companies and individual investors purchasing affordable realty.

We invest our own funds together with our investors

We can tell you how to increase your capital with profitable investments in Riviera Maya, Mexico. You can buy land lots here for low market price in the locations with best world beaches, in the locations where leading developers invest billions of dollars, in the locations where local government invests into infrastructure development or to participate in profitable construction projects – with assistance of a well-connected company with huge experience in this field.

We deal with different kinds of income-producing investment property: from affordable studios to multi-million dollar apartment buildings, hotels and land lots. We offer unique possibilities and advantages in each category. Besides, we offer property management services. It guarantees reasonable and efficient management of your investment assets and steady ROI during a long period after the purchase.

Our company is also ready to assist you to get permission for construction, to find contractors or partners for implementation of certain projects on purchased land lots. We also propose services of searching commercial real estate and ready businesses in Mexico.

Investment Scenarios

Income Producing Residential Real Estate

The simplest way of investing into real estate. Obvious advantages: low entry threshold (starting from $25,000), liquidity, high rental income and possibility of personal usage of real estate. We have been managing properties in Cancun for many years, we know the rental market of the region very well and offer turnkey solutions: assistance in choosing property, transaction registration, furnishing and subsequent property rental.

Rental Blocks

This type of investments is suitable for strategic investors and can provide annual ROI up to 12%. Additional income is provided by discounts in case of purchasing a block of properties, reduction of expenses for management and tax payments optimization. Blocks of rental properties can be formed by several ways, including purchase of the whole building, construction of your own condominium or purchase of separate strategically located apartments for portfolio diversification.

Hotel Rooms Investments

Hotel real estate becomes more and more popular type of investment realty due to its reliability, simple management and ability to provide guaranteed profit. Income from hotel rooms now significantly exceeds income from offices, commercial and residential real estate, especially in popular year-round seaside tourist destinations. Full reimbursement of all expenses and special bonuses for the owners.

Hotel Business and Sale of Hotels

Resort hotels, boutique hotels, colonial style hotels, modern style hotels, hostels. Extremely profitable investments into Mexico hotel business. We have access to exclusive offers of hotel for sale inaccessible for wide audience as many hotel owners don’t want to give publicity to information about their business sale. Hotel business is traditionally believed to be one of the most profitable one in Mexico. Riviera Maya can boast 12-month tourist season.

Construction Projects

Under the conditions of fast-growing market and continuous sale flow, real estate construction in Riviera Maya provides investors with 50% income and more. Obvious factors of high business profitability: labor resources and materials in Mexico are inexpensive and to be paid in peso, prices for real estate are similar to the most expensive world resort locations, purchases are made in US dollars.

Commercial Real Estate

We have a great experience in searching and selecting income producing and other commercial properties. Stores, restaurants, warehouses and office buildings.

Medical Tourism – Residential Properties for Patients

In Mexico, medical tourism is a fast-growing field. As of number of people arriving to the country for medical tourism, Mexico is second only to Thailand. Therefore, residential real estate for patients is highly demanded. Cancun is one of medical tourism centers in Mexico, as treatment procedures here can be combined with sunbathing on the Caribbean beaches. During recent years, several state-of-art clinics have been opened, and their patients need comfortable accomodation.

Beachfront Land Lots and Land Banking

Land lots as an investment instrument are more relevant now than ever. The idea of land banking is to buy land located in a fast-growing region for the following development. Today you buy for a low price an asset you can sell for much higher price in future. Land banking is the most reliable business model on real estate market. Land will never become cheaper. Sometimes profit from such transactions can reach 200-300% per year.

Investors are investing billions of dollars

International developers are investing billions of dollars in the Riviera Maya, and one of the largest shipping companies, Carnival Cruise Ships, recently announced that they have invested in the largest cruise ship dock in the Caribbean.

One of the most sensational investments of several billion dollars has been made by the Chinese government. They invested $ 1.5 billion in the Dragon Mart, which will be a huge wholesale mega-market for selling goods made in China across the Americas.

Infrastructure projects to be implemented on the Riviera Maya in the coming years:

  • The railway that will connect Merida, Cancun, Tulum and Chetumal and pass through the hotels of the Riviera Maya;

  • Cruise ship terminal Kalica, next to Playa del Carmen, which will be built by the world's largest cruise company Carnival Cruises;

  • Construction of a new, 5th terminal at Cancun International Airport;

  • The second part of the large private village of Puerto Aventuras, where several hotels, condominiums and private villas are planned to be built.

  • Other remote and exotic projects worth mentioning are the construction of a Formula 1 circuit on the Riviera Maya, the new Disney Land and the giant Grand Cancun offshore platform.

HSBC named Mexico "Best Country For Investments"

In a study that looked at leading emerging economies in 2013 and beyond, the world's largest bank HSBC named Mexico “the best country to invest in” due to its long-term status as a model of a free market economy in Latin America.

In a recent study, HSBC examined the three largest economies in Latin America, namely Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, and ultimately named Mexico “the most preferred country for investment”.

“Insiders in Latin America have long known that Mexico, the only NAFTA country in Latin America, has been a shining example of a free market economy in the region for over 15 years,” writes HSBC. "With the new government on track for reform, HSBC has concluded that Mexico is the safest bet for investors in the region."

The bank's report identified “serious problems” in both Brazil and Argentina. In Brazil, government intervention has negatively affected the country's economy, and Argentina's external debt, combined with overly harsh government measures, has become a major obstacle to development.

“For the past 12 years, Playa Del Carmen has been the fastest growing city in Latin America,” writes HSBC. “With Mexico's economy on the upswing now and Playa in an advantageous position with an influx of foreign visitors not found anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere, now is the time to invest in real estate.”

In addition to Playa Del Carmen, investors are advised to turn their attention to real estate in neighboring cities, namely Puerto Aventuras and Tulum, which are located south of Cancun. The region continues to grow rapidly, offering excellent investment opportunities for all levels of investors.

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